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We are here Precious One...
We do not communicate actually with words, but with vibrations, emanations
You pick up these emanations and put them into coherence you call thoughts
It is a connecting and inspiring function that we perform when we communicate with you

Within each human is the divine spark, the God That Is 
Through the soul's descent into physical matter, that spark becomes covered over, hidden, yet it remains within each human individual and indeed, within each living thing

Our function is to ignite the spark within, to fill you not with our thoughts, but to connect you with the knowingness that you already possess

You forget 
Humans forget because the descent into matter lowers conciousness and brings about forgetfulness

We come to inspire you with light and with laughter and to remind you of what the God in you already knows
We will guide and protect in your endeavors
You are blessed in more ways than you can understand at this time

But your time of understanding draws near.. gather close to each other.. love and cherish one another.........


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